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Other Novelties

inside painted Christmas ornament ball

Product Name: Inside Painted Christmas Ornament Ball
* Model: SYT-IPCB043
* Size: 90mm
* Material: fine glass
* Chinese Craft: inside painting
* Shape: round
* Package:
 1) Inner: gift box
 2) outer: robust carton
* MOQ: 400pcs or netiable
  • Inside Painting Christmas ornament ball is one kind of Christmas balls usually used for Christmas holiday or daily home decoration. The main body of the ball is made of fine glass.

     The eyeball-catching point is its image: The image is hand painted on the inside wall of the glass ball by folk artist with a special brush pen. THEREFORE, IT ASSURES THAT EACH PIECE IS A SPECIAL ONEThe artists do painting accoridng to a photo or the artworks provided by the customers or we create the image by ourselves.


    The hand painted image looks very sensational and special. The quality transparent glass and the wonderful hand painted image make up of a beautiful Christmas ball or a nice home decoration.

    The following design is a customized design to show our production capability and for your rerence. It is not for sale.

    The details:

    The inner box can be used with different color and different material. Here is a representative one.

    Inside Painted Christmas Ornament Ball is a very representative one of 
    Chinese traditional craft with different culture.  Therefore, customized designs have been a main provision of ours. Welcome any style customized designs!

  • Please submit your basic information and we will reply you as soon as possible! 





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