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Contact: Patrick Qi
Tel: +86 10 8575 7499
Email: arthur.qi@vip.163.com
Skype: pat800715
Website: www.sanyatacraft.com.cn

Company profile

  People who know well with Chinese culture may realize that Chinese people has a deft hand and has created a history of handicraft. The representative handicraft is china/porcelain. The name of China just originates from China’s china. Chinese handicrafts are absolutely not counted by thousands, but by millions
  With the dream to share a variety of Chinese traditional handicrafts with the global people, Beijing Sanyata Craftworks was founded in 2008 Year. Sanyata Craftworks is an all-around company which designs and provides a large variety of traditional or re-innovated cultural products. The products range from Hand-painted Ceramic Tiles, Mother of Pearl items, Art Lamps, Wooden items to Cloisonné Paintings, Inside Painting Decoration Balls and Stone Sculptures etc. In a word, Sanyata Craftworks is a manufacturer as well as a trading company.
  For most of our products, we are able to provide customized service. As a result, our customers procure a novelty product combined with Chinese traditional craft and their local theme. For an example, most of Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles are customized designs. If you are an American, you can send us a photo of the White House and we can hand paint it onto the tile; if you are an Australian, you can send a picture of kangaroo to us and we can make it to an art ceramic lamp…
  With 10-year development, Sanyata Craftworks has been going up steadily. Our products have been sold to UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, U.S.A, Chile, New Caledonia, Italy, South Africa, Angola, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Uzbekistan and over 30 countries and regions. The novel and quality products win most of end users’ fondness. Our professional service in logistics removes any worry about the shipping of the goods. Our sincerity let us obtains not only orders but friendship from the world. The customers’ recognition encourage us going from the better to the best!
  Quality is our root; innovation is sprit; Integrity and loyalty are our tenet. We are loyal to our customer and most of our customers are loyal to us as well.
  Life is beautiful! All of the personnel from Sayata Craftworks firmly believe Sanyata’s tomorrow will be more beautiful!
  We believe tomorrow is more beautiful! We do believe Sanyata’s tomorrow is more beautiful!

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